Machinable Cast Iron Welding Electrode

Machinable Cast Iron Welding Electrode is a pure nickel electrode. It has smooth and intensive arc and easy slag removal. Ni-Cu alloy electrode for welding of cast iron without pre heating. Good color matching.


Machinable Cast Iron Welding Electrodes (High Nickel)

Technical Detail

Product Name Classification Mechanical Properties Of Weld Metal (Typical) Unique Feature(All Vaccum Packed) TDS
AWS/SFA Yield Strength N/mm2 Tensile Strength N/mm2(MIN) Elongation 4D(%) Impact (J) Welding Conditions
1 GM CAST 2 (55) E NiFe-CI 400 500 15 (2 in.) AC;DC+ Graphite basic coated. Ferro-Nickel alloy. Good bonding and flow of the weld metal. Good Machinability Download
2 GM CAST 3 (99) E Ni-CI 290 370 4 (2 in.) AC;DC+ Excellent achiability. Pure nickel electrode. Smooth and intensice arc. Easy slag removal. Download
3 GM CAST 4 (60) ENI-CU-B 290 370 4 (2 in.) AC;DC+ Suitable for Welding of cast Iron without Pre heating Download
4 GM CAST 40               Download
5 GM NiCu7 E Ni-Cu-7 580 35 DC+ Universal monel repairing, joining , problem solver. Weld metal corrision resitant to sea water, salts and reducing acids. Download